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      2. Sidestream Filtration

        What is Sidestream Filtration

        Sidestream filtration, as the name suggests, refers to the partial filtering of liquid in a system. In cooling water systems, sidestream filtration is generally sized on 5-10% of the total cooling tower water flow rate.

        Recirculating cooling water systems often experience sludge and solid build-up. Through constant particle removal, the water and system can be kept clean. This method is cost-effective for high flow systems.

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        Side stream filtration can benefit your cooling system through:

        ? Reducing corrosion, fouling, scaling, microbiological growth rates

        Partial filtration of the cooling system’s flow significantly improves water quality. It also prevents severe build-up, that can lead to premature system failure, and greatly reduces a system’s chemical consumption.

        ? Enhancing system efficiency

        Fouling cooling systems can slow production. Five seconds in delay can compound by the number of moulding machines a plant may have. Reduced rates of corrosion and other treatment concerns optimises system performance.



        ? Extending equipment life

        The improved efficacy of a system leads to a longer lifespan. As there are fewer sediments or other pollutants in the system, fewer chemicals are used and the system’s components aren’t overworked.

        ? Reducing maintenance costs

        Sidestream filtration allows cooling systems to provide longer periods of nonstop operation before they are taken offline for maintenance.

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