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      2. Air & Dirt Separators

        Dirt Air Hydraulic Separator

        Optivent Air and Dirt Separators

        As we know from Henry’s Law, the amount of gas that dissolves in a system is directly proportional to the system pressure/temperature. When the pressure/temperature changes, the gas will bubble out in the form of micro bubbles. This means that even after all the air has been bled out of the system, your work is not yet done.

        Masterflow Solutions offers air and dirt separators for heating and cooling systems to ensure the optimal performance of the equipment at all times. If you need a custom-made solution, we can help.

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        The solution for entrained air and suspended sediment in boilers

        Air and dirt separators for boilers help systems operate efficiently, prolonging their service life and virtually eliminating noise. The air and dirt separators remove contaminants whose buildup can lead to diminished heat transfer, higher energy costs and system damage. Preventing corrosion within the system, air separators are a cost-effective defence against premature system failure.
        air and dirt separator

        For chilled water systems

        Using air separators for chilled water systems may not be a traditional practice, but separators actually play a role in helping chillers operate in optimal condition. Air separators help chilled water systems relieve air contained in the solution, allowing them to pump fluid and transfer heat efficiently. For cost-effective operation, having an air separator on the high point of the hydronic system is ideal.

        Masterflow’s extensive range of air and dirt separators provides the ideal solution to eliminating contaminants such as air and dirt in heating and cooling systems. Our hydraulic separators can quickly and effectively remove free gas and dissolved gas in the systems as well as ease the dirt accumulation within the pipelines. Our products also greatly reduce erosion in the systems, enhance heat exchange efficiency and reduce system noise.

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