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      2. Flow Meters

        The SONIC PRO Flow Meters have a host of features, making them…… SIMPLY BETTER!

        These features include:

        • No wetted parts
        • No moving parts
        • Easy to install – non invasive clamp on transducers
        • IP66 (Nema 4 x) rated
        • Suitable for washdown areas
        • Hybrid ultrasonic for true and accurate readings on a wide variety of fluids – Selectable Doppler or Transit Time operating mode
        • Suits many different pipe sizes from 2″ through to 48″
        • Optional computer connections for remote data logging, process control features
        • 3 models available including “Smart” external communications and user programmable
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        We look forward to the opportunity of
        assisting you.

        Please contact us with your requirements; we are always ready to listen.

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        184 Newton Rd?
        Wetherill Park NSW,?2164 Australia

        +61 2 9748 2022

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