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      2. Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumping Systems

        Masterflow has extensive experience in providing turnkey solutions for the storage and transfer of diesel fuel. Drawing on its extensive range of electric pump and control systems, coupled with access to global tank brands, Masterflow is well positioned to provide a complete package solution. These are particularly tailored to generator and dewatering pump installations in both commercial, manufacturing, industrial and mining applications.

        Pump brands include:

        • Oberdorfer
        • Tuthill
        • Ebsray
        • BakerBloc for Fuel


        • Day tanks to bulk fuel tanks
        • Generator refuelling
        • Bulk loading and unloading
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        We look forward to the opportunity of
        assisting you.

        Please contact us with your requirements; we are always ready to listen.

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        CONTACT US

        184 Newton Rd?
        Wetherill Park NSW,?2164 Australia

        +61 2 9748 2022

        +61 2 9748 2099

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