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      2. Condensate Pumps and Tubing

        AC Condensate Pump

        Selection and removal of condensate from air conditioning systems demand a variety of solutions depending on the particular installation.

        Masterflow rises to the challenge by stocking a range of different HVAC condensate pumps, each with unique design features and varying performance characteristics, ensuring a suitable solution is provided.

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        Air conditioning Systems

        Our AC condensate pumps eliminate the need to rely on gravity to remove condensate from the system. Air conditioner drain pumps also have aesthetic benefits as the system can be designed to drain water in hidden areas of the building – a must for commercial buildings. With our AC condensate pumps, you won’t have to worry about condensation draining out through the floors or walls and causing water damage. Our condensate pumps will collect the water and pump it to an appropriate drainage point.

        Refrigeration systems

        We have pumps suited for the chillers and cold rooms in industrial and retail environments. The condensate pumps help remove the liquid that can potentially harbor harmful bacteria and produce undesired odours. Our range offers high-performance pumps known for their quality and reliability.

        Boiler furnaces or steam systems

        We have stainless steel tank mounted pumps equipped to handle hot condensate exceeding 100°C. Our range offers a variety of heads and flows and is built to accommodate industrial and commercial applications. They are rust-resistant and leak-proof, ensuring you of reliability and a long service life.

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