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      2. Flypass

        Oventrop Flypass Connector

        Flypass from Oventrop

        Flypass connectors from Oventrop are pre-assembled, flushing bypass arrangements which are ideal for connecting equipment such as fan coil units to the pipework of central heating and cooling systems.

        Flypass connectors incorporate:
        ? Y-Strainer
        ? Balancing valve (manual or PICV type)
        ? 2 x 3-way ball valves for flushing/isolation
        ? Drain and ball valve
        ? Test points

        Download Flypass Leaflet

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        Oventrop Flypass 4TZ connector is used for connecting fan convectors (fan coil units), chilled ceiling modules, induction air systems, cooling and heating zones etc to the pipework of central heating and cooling systems with a closed circuit. The flow direction is optional. The connection fitting can be installed in any position (horizontal, oblique or vertical, in ascending and descending sections). The ball positions and thus the flow directions of the three-way balls are indicated by the shape of the handle.

        Flypass system setup

        Example of a Flypass system

        Flypass Set 2 connection fitting

        Flypass Set 2

        The Flypass 4TZ connection fitting is used for the isolation, flushing, draining and bleeding of the supply and return pipe installed in the flow direction in front of the fitting or the succeeding sections of the system. The connection fitting can be converted to bypass operation. The ball positions and thus the flow directions are indicated by the shape of the handle. The fitting features two lateral connections G 1?4 for the connection of Oventrop fill and drain ball valves (one fill and drain ball valve is supplied with the fitting) or pressure test points of the Hydrocontrol product range.

        The body is made of dezincification resistant brass, the seals of EPDM or PTFE and the handles of polyamide. The extended handles allow for insulation of the fitting.

        There is a range of accessories available for the direct connection to the Flypass 4TZ fitting.

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